LISBOA, vista pelo Financial Times (24 Agosto)

«Analysts describe Portugal as positioned somewhere between Ireland and Greece, the two other eurozone countries to have negotiated national bailout packages, in terms of successful reform. Dublin recently succeeded in tapping capital markets with a bond issue about a year ahead of schedule. But Mr Krämer said “such a success is unlikely in the case of Portugal”.»

Foto: Lisboa, Rua Augusta. In Financial Times, 24-8-2012

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Miguel Carvalho disse...

Estamos entregues a estes especialistas de meia tigela.
Então Portugal emite dívida a 18 meses, a Irelanda até agora só emitiu a 3 meses... e este Mr Krämer vem dizer esta barbaridade.
Não admira que nada faça sentido nos mercados financeiros.