Como criar emprego numa cidade

"Singapore - The sustainable energy agenda. Singapore has been fast to adopt the mantra that clean tech is the wy forward. The city-state estimates the clean technology industry in Singapore will contribute 3.4 bn USD to the economy and provide up to 18000 jobs by 2015.Singapore is investing 680 m. USD in developing the clean technology sector, which includes clean energy an environment and water. In the clean energy space, solar energy is a focus : Singapore Economic Development Board believes Singapore's semiconductor and engineering expertise lend it a competitive advantage, as does its sunny location : there has recently been influx of world-classe solar firms.Water-tech is also a priority, and water-tech firms including German Mann+Hummel and japanese Toray have been invited to launch regional HQs here.", Monocle, Junho 2011.

Não poderiamos replicar em Lisboa ?

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